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Way To Go SESAC! Share Thisi

“SESAC will accelerate domestic/terrestrial radio performance royalty payments from the traditional quarterly distributions to monthly distributions beginning over the next several months and plans to expand the monthly royalty distributions to other performance platforms later this year.” – sesac.com

By initiating monthly distributions, the value of SESAC catalogs just went up significantly. Because of the time-value of money, any investment analyst knows there huge difference in receiving royalties on a monthly basis (versus quarterly or semi-annually). When you factor the effect of this over many years, there is a huge difference in pure “net-present” value.

Once writer and publishers realize this how much of their wealth is tied up in slow, antiquated royalty distributions, they are going to demand changes. If BMI or ASCAP follows suit, you will see a significant shift in underlying catalog values as this hidden wealth is released. The financial transparency of the music biz, is going to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 1990′s after all!!

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