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Summer 2014 Update Share Thisi

We’ve had a lot of fun at work the past couple of months. We’ve been busy too, but mostly having fun. Here’s a quick rundown of some cool stuff that’s been going on:


Copyright Round Table

Hearts Bluff attended a few sessions of the roundtable discussion held by the United States Copyright Office earlier this month to discuss and evaluate the effectiveness of the existing methods of licensing music. We heard some really great ideas and are hopeful that change is coming soon!




We had such a blast at Bonnaroo this year! From Elton John to Jack White to Lionel Richie, the awesome shows were non-stop!



Hearts Bluff Office Party

Sometimes you just need a good excuse to hang out with your friends, listen to music, and have a little wine on a Thursday afternoon. So, yeah, we did all of that and had a great time! This is definitely going to happen more frequently and we hope to have many more of our industry friends out to join us!



“When a Man Loves A Woman”

We are still super excited about our purchase of Andrew Wright’s interest in the classic song “When A Man Loves A Woman.” We’re so excited that we sent our investors a bunch of old 45’s and are currently checking the mail everyday for our gold record plaque!