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The Tennessean reported this morning that RCA Studio A was officially purchased by Bravo Development.

Our company has invested tens-of-millions into our Music Row community, so I certainly understand why investors and development companies have been attracted. Any short-sighted developer could certainly scrape a landmark like Studio A in a day, and probably make some quick cash. But they’d also scrape away the core essence of their investment. There’s a difference in being smart, and being wise. The wise developers will leverage the stories of these landmarks into something special, and highly profitable. They will also leave legacies for themselves and others to enjoy.

The Ryman, Abbey Road, and The Franklin Theatre, almost all fell victim to short-sighted development. But along the way, wise people took time to collaborate and focus to the greater opportunity. We have a unique opportunity on Music Row to evolve into a place where people not only work, but an inspiring place to be. I also hope our city leaders can incentivize music-related businesses to stay here.