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14 Musicians – One Great Week in Nashville Share Thisi

I looked at my calendar from last week and was reminded why I LOVE living in Nashville! After a busy Tin Pan South schedule, here are 14 reasons I am thankful!


1. Mando Saenz –  Keep an eye on this amazing Texas artist! Fans of Steve Earle, Ryan Adams, Robert Earle Keen will have this new Texas poet on their playlist. I’ve seen Mando perform 3 times this year including a City Winery set, and an appearance at Hearts Bluff’s stage at the 30A Songwriters Festival. His smart lyrics, fresh changes, and easy style captivated the crowd every time.  Loved his band too!


2. Lee Ann Womack – Surprise guest with Mando at a private ASCAP event.  I’ve seen her several times in recent years. At a big festivals, small shows, and even an underground cavern, her classic voice and tasteful songs seem to lie against any backdrop with elegance and class.


3. Kim Richey – (City Winery album release show, previewing her Edgeland album). For over 20 years I’ve loved Kim’s transcendent voice, stellar musicianship, and songs that fit like your favorite pair of old sneakers! I’ve shared stages with Kim over the past few years, and she’s as warm and generous as her music!


4. Radney Foster – One of my songwriting heroes! His songs at Tin Pan South were interspersed with excerpts of his new book: For You to See the Stars. His flawless wisdom and craft never wastes a syllable or a storyline. He’s recently been seen hanging out at our studio making music and videos. He and his wife Cyndi are among the most gracious humans on the planet.


5. Wynn Varble – Wicked smart, meets wicked funny! A deep country essence, with a wink in his eye and timeless hit songs. We at Hearts Bluff are huge fans and even bought a substantial stake in his catalog.


6. Carly Pearce – This new artist feels like a seasoned veteran with a rich wonderful voice and solid songs. Her #1 song Every Little Thing gave me hope that Country radio could be great again. I honestly thought it was too good for the format, and would never work! Boy was I wrong!


7. Bobby Hamrick – This was my first time seeing him. What a talented dude! Raises the song quotient for the artists he writes with.


8. Marc Beeson – A journeyman, seasoned writer with hits over 3 decades under his belt. He makes it all seem so easy! It’s not! His younger co-writers revere his mentorship and steady work ethic. Gracious and warm, the crowd sang along! Marc can take you back in time, but its obvious he’s not living in it!


9. Kelly Archer – The crowd loved Kelly, who defines consistency, graciousness and solid songs. I sat beside Kelly on a plane many years ago, and she somehow recalled this. That says a lot about the way her lyrics seem to observe and notice the precious details of a situation. Great voice too!


10. Andy Albert – My first time to see him. Was a rare treat to see a young writer that has a veteran’s craft. Great songs and a solid foundation for a long career.


11. Fancy – Transparent, honest, fearless, funny, and crazy talented. A solid artist in his own rite, I loved hearing him perform and believed every word!


12. Sara Haze – She and her wonderfully talented spouse kept delivering song after song. I look forward to hearing more from this team!


13. Al Anderson – You just say his name and everyone smiles. Perhaps it’s his timeless heart and mastery, or perhaps they fondly remember being a little buzzed at a Headliners show. This man commands a certain reverence from songwriters everywhere. His name defines that soulful scuffle.


14. Mikaela Rose – I was invited by family friends to see this Belmont University Senior recital. It was unbelievable! This young, master pianist makes every musician in the room want to never touch an instrument again! Total command of her instrument combined with inspired interpretation, kept the concert hall captivated for 90 minutes. Her original compositions are cinematic, and I sense film-scoring in her future!

(L-R) Carly Pearce, Bobby Hamrick, Wynn Varble, Radney Foster


(L-R) Mark Beeson, Andy Albert, Sara Haze at Tin Pan South


Al Anderson at The Local


Kim Richey at City Winery


Lee Ann Womack surprise performance with Mando Saenz at ASCAP lunch event


Wynn Varble & Radney Foster