Go Big Going Small

I recently read an article called “What the Music Industry Can Learn From the Beer Industry”. Basically, craft beers are experiencing high-growth because they provide a boutique, localized and premium user-experience … View Full Post

Experience vs. Souvenirs

I recently found Steely Dan’s “You Can’t Buy a Thrill” in my record collection. It’s a vinyl album that I bought when I was a kid, with a price sticker that says $3.47. Well, I say I “bought” the album, but I didn’t really “buy” the album. Actually, I never really “owned” the music... … View Full Post


The Tennessean reported this morning that RCA Studio A was officially purchased by Bravo Development. Our company has invested tens-of-millions into our Music Row community, so I certainly understand why investors and development companies have been attracted. Any short-sighted developer could certainly scrape a landmark like Studio A in a day, and probably make some quick cash. […] … View Full Post

Fighting a Fair Fight: The Music Industry Gives the Justice Dept. an Earful

    The U.S. Dept. of Justice recently opened a review to examine whether the it’s decades-old ASCAP and BMI consent decrees should be amended or eliminated. These decrees (including many rights and obligations that were developed in the mid 1960’s) regulate how Performing Rights Organizations (PRO’s) operate.   So what does this review mean […] … View Full Post

Multiples and Other Hillbilly Math (Part II)

  The Multiple Problem(s) with “Multiples”   First Problem: Average of What?   I routinely see professional looking solicitations trying to imply I should pay an arbitrary multiple of their historical “average” income.   The question becomes “Average of What??”   Shall I use the past 10 years, 5 years, 3 years? All income? Some […] … View Full Post

Multiples and Other Hillbilly Math (Part I)

Multiples and Other Hillbilly Math   First and foremost, one of the biggest myths in catalog valuations is the holy  “MULTIPLE.” I’m asked every day what “multiples” are being paid for catalogs. The truth is most modern valuation experts and buyers don’t use “Multiples” as their primary valuation strategy.   Ok – there I said it. […] … View Full Post